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Community Spotlight #1

“So what’s a light-year?”

“Well, same as the regular year, just with less calories!”


                                                          - ElPablo


Greetings colonists,


We all emerged from cryosleep 71 days ago and have been trying to survive in the Hellion system since then (some have told us that they are still trying to dock their modules). From that day forward, our goal has been to connect players and developers and foster a culture of continuous learning, sharing and exchange of ideas, and to be as transparent as we can, regarding the development process. By now an enthusiastic, creative and helpful community is emerging, and that is something that we wanted to see in Hellion. With each new character creation, a new story begins. A story written and told by players themselves. Thus, today we are starting a new community series - Community Spotlight! A lot of very interesting things have come our way, and it’s worth showing if off; you have shown us unexpected ways to play Hellion, and we couldn’t be more excited. So, from now on we’ll feature the faculae of the Hellion star: being videos, screenshots, activities, etc.



Orbital architecture



Base building has been a focus for many people over the past two months, but so far player Comatose/ Harley fugate definitely takes the 1st place with his ring shaped station:


We’ll fix the docking ports so it truly is a ring :D



Tales from a distant star



Since launch, Hellion communities have popped up around the world and we had received word from player groups in France, Italy, UK, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Russia. All of them are coming up with interesting ways to enjoying Hellion’s Early Access experience. This time we’ll feature what the Russian player base came up with - contest for the best story log.

Here is the winning log by Vitaly Eraz:



Day 37 after waking up. Two survivors. Iren, Bonzo...



To anyone, who finds this.

This is Iren. 48 hours ago, on an asteroid, coordinates: 120.46700.340, during mining operation to replenish our oxygen supply, a brown crystal formation was found.

In the atmosphere of our airlock, the crystal evaporated within seconds, and was then absorbed by the air filters.


We heard a depressurization siren after approximately 15 minutes. Looks like airtight seals can`t maintain normal pressure anymore.


I have no idea, what`s happened.. Neither I nor Bonzo, our geologist, have ever seen that kind of material before.


The pressure in the habitation module dropped  to half atmo.


We have only one EVA suit. We draw straws.


Day 38. Bonzo, no! I drew the short straw! I have to.. Why are you...[crying]


Day 39. This is Iren, sole survivor. Bonzo surprised me. He locked himself in the airlock, and then pulled the emergency lever.

Oxygen in my suit might be enough for 15 minutes... I still can’t believe it.



...And the stars look very different today



Hellion might still be in early alpha, but that didn’t stop players from enjoying its scenery. Here are several screenshots uploaded by our players in a forum thread “Beautiful Hellion”.


by Spinfx


by Yama


by ElPablo


by Thor_Agena




How do you turn this on?


Finally here’s this week’s featured guide, with a basic introduction to Newtonian Physics by BiGEdge: What means Newtonian physics?


Isaac Newton


And that’s it for this edition of community spotlight, we thank all survivors for their awesome contributions! If you’d like to get involved join the community on Forum, Steam, Reddit, Facebook or Twitter.


Until the next transmission, fly safe and have fun!





Posted by Zero Gravity team