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Community Spotlight #2


“So on this server the other day... Five thugs were trying to rob this poor kid in his lifeboat... So I decided to get involved!

All six of us finally managed to get him out.”




Greetings colonists! Welcome to the second installment of Hellion’s Community Spotlight where we showcase fun, helpful, weird and amazing contributions from players around the world!


OMG it’s spinning!


Piloting and EVA in Hellion are regarded as very immersive, but also exceptionally difficult by both space sim and survival fans. So here’s a short video uploaded by MozoTyce showing how to deal with spinning derelicts! (or what to do when: Why won’t it stop spinning! Please stop spinning!)




Orbital Architecture


One wonderful thing about showcasing great ideas is that people suddenly become aware of possibilities. How about building a base around an asteroid? Sounds like a tall order, doesn’t it? That’s why vet_nahaul started by making a blueprint first and calculating the needs for completing this architectural marvel. Why not give him a buzz, last time we checked he was hiring subcontractors! Want to help out, or maybe start your own? Find some like minded survivors here.



UK community


Hellion can be pretty hard on new players, a regular trial by fire they say. That’s why having a helping hand guide you through the void goes a long way in overcoming the first few ordeals! That’s exactly what the UK community is doing. Helping out people in need and showing them the way! If you are new to the game, or just have some questions feel free to visit them.



Tales of a distant star



As any writer can tell you, imagination and creativity are key to any successful sci-fi story and “player Tycho is very good when it comes to writing stories. With six episodes out and more on the way his work is turning into quite an adventure!

"GAH!" I yell, falling to my knees again. Grabbing my head, trying to clear my vision, I blink rapidly staring at the floor. Drip. Drip Drip. 'Blood?' I reach up with my gloved hand and wipe the small droplets of blood from my nose. "You could have asked you know..." I say again, to no one. 'Great, talking to a screaming voice in your head. Careful, that is a slippery slope from which it becomes harder and harder to return from.' I think to myself, more to calm down than to assert my myself. Rising, I walk over to the door and I am greeted by two things. A little triangular window that reads: "PRESSURE HAZARD" and, looking through the little window the other door is open revealing to me nothing but the silent blackness of space...

Excerpt from ep 1. Awakening


Kamikaze flying


We have received word that some players are really getting the hang of orbits. So much so that they are now flying kamikaze style and attempting the lowest possible orbits around any celestial object in the Hellion System. Kudos to these intrepid survivors (Steve, John and Marc) and let us pay tribute to those who perished trying to get the closest to the Hellion star in their quest for the best and most daring screenshot.


Just wanna see more?


How do you turn this on?


For this week’s featured guide we bring you the aptly named Ultimate Guide by SolarTara. This comprehensive piece of work contains everything you always wanted to know about Hellion, but were afraid to ask. No seriously, it covers EVERYTHING!



That is all from us this time, if you want to contribute or have something worth showing off, let us know via Forum, Steam, Reddit, Facebook or Twitter.

Until next time, fly safe… or not, but if you do the latter, make sure you send us some pictures!

Zero Gravity Team

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