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Community Spotlight #3



Hello survivors! Welcome to the third episode of Hellion’s Community Spotlight where we showcase fun, helpful, amazing and sometimes downright weird contributions from players around the world!


Orbital architecture


We think it’s now safe to say that complex base building is a thing in Hellion. A group of players organized a 3 day base building event, around Hirath a big grey gas giant. Below is a cool video to give you a glimpse of the action. Thank you to ElPablo




Beautiful Hellion

Sunrise over Bethyr, our thanks to Medd




Tales of a distant star


If you are the creative type have stories and adventures from the Hellion system to share (or simply like to read them), we have opened a space for you on our forum.


If you ever had a beer after a long week with friends or co-workers, you may have noticed that although we all try to stick to the universal pub code (no talking about religion nor politics) more often than not, the conversation takes a deep philosophical turn. Now imagine that conversation when the participants are geeky, cynical, and working on a Space survival game; throw in mention of a forum thread about “looting ethics” and you have yourself a fun evening. The quote below sparked quite the debate:

“Ethics only mean something if you're working within a group. If you're a lone wolf, and the primary objective is survival, then ethics mean absolutely zero. If you want something then you weigh-up risk versus reward and you make a decision on whether to move on it.” by spaceinraider


And that debate in combination with Hellion’s story inspired the following text:


Are we humans evil by nature? This question has been asked by countless intellectuals throughout Earth’s history; their answers varied from ‘maybe’ to ‘most definitely’. But, how then did we manage to thrive? According to them, it was simply because when we are in a group, we sort of agree to not harm each other, to do ‘what’s best for the group’. Surely, there are plenty of examples of pure altruism, of things that restore our faith on our kind. But even to that, some cynics would say that we don’t do it for the others but mostly for selfish reasons. We all want to feel good about ourselves after all...    


As a species we became reliant on science and technology, we blindly followed our new gods that delivered us from obscurity. Then we learned we could control them for our profit and we delusionally saw ourselves as gods. We created and made what we needed and wanted, we saw our limitless potential. We expanded… but all this time we were only asking can we? While should we? never really crossed our minds.

This expedition sold us the idea that humanity could have more chances in a different world; we ran away from a war torn world dreaming of utopia, but we woke up floating amid a battlefield.

Now our primary objective is to survive... But are there any ethical ways of surviving? Should there be any at all?  If you find a module that seems to still have survivors, do you try to find them, or do you take what you can to get you through another day and go? What if someone sees you? Do you take them out before they take you? Is it truly every man for himself?

We spread our humanity across the darkness of Space, but it seems the darkness has covered our souls.

I guess it’s true. The Stars are better off without us…

by GalacticSpiral


How do you turn this on?


For this week’s featured guide we have this very detailed and organized The Hellion Space Survival Manual (or the Guide to Not Dying, Sort Of) by ZombiePotatoSalad. It has a lot of very useful information, and it’s quite funny on top of that.



That is all from us for now, but remember if you or anyone you know want to contribute, let us know via Forum, Steam, Reddit, Facebook or Twitter.


Until next time, fly safe!

Zero Gravity Team

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