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Devblog #1

Hey guys! Today we want to share with you a batch of new features that we’re preparing for the next build coming out soon.

World of Hellion is about realism and immersion, therefore every aspect of the game has to be done right and with full attention to detail. To this end we had devised some interesting graphics solutions that you will see in the next few videos.


Material tile


For higher resolution visuals and better graphics performance we use “multi-material” shading technique. Hi-res textured material tiles are applied to large multi-material surfaces so they retain the details regardless of the distance without the drop in performance.




Temperature conditions


Temperature conditions in space can vary greatly depending on your position. It is not uncommon to have sub-zero temperatures as low as -200 C in shade, only to go up to +300 C when exposed to the sun.

This first video demonstrates how extreme temperatures affect the interior of an outpost. These effects are intended as an indicator for the player and are more than just cosmetics, as much of the equipment will behave differently based on environmental conditions.



Degradation model


The above video should have given you an idea as to the extremes your equipment is exposed to on daily basis. These shifting conditions cause many materials to degrade leading to a drop in performance and quality for your equipment.

We believe it is important, especially in a survival game, that players are able to determine these conditions at a glance. It maintains the immersion in addition to looking awesome. In Hellion what you see is usually what you get.




Asteroid details


Asteroid mining represents an important aspect of the gameplay. Since you have to get up close and personal to mine those precious rocks, we wanted to make sure the visuals looked stunning no matter how far or close you are.



See you next week! We'll be back with new updates and interesting news. Like our facebook page and follow us on twitter!

Posted by Zero Gravity team