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Devblog #35 Inventory improvements

In our last Let’s Play video we mentioned a few changes coming to Hellions economy. Our goal here is to make every activity in Hellion worthwhile and give players a sense of progression. However, before we start discussing resources and crafting we need to take a step back and turn our attention towards something that precedes them.


Inventory improvements


Ever since Hellion launched back in 2017, inventory remained mostly unchanged. As any seasoned asteroid miner can tell you managing items in your inventory can be tedious, to put it mildly.


At the moment we are working on improving the inventory management system and make it a lot easier for players to access, store and use various items they come across. New inventory screen will show your character, your equipped items and inventory slots as well as any additional information relevant to your character. The following image is still work in progress, but should give you an idea of what we are aiming for.



Since our goal is to improve the way inventory works as a whole we are also expanding its functionality to allow players to loot, store, equip and refuel items in a much more intuitive and user friendly manner


Since inventory is directly tied to your equipped suit, picking the right suit for the job may become paramount as different suits will have a different distribution of equipment slots and offer different levels of protection, speed, oxygen supply, but more on this topic at a later date.


That’s all for today colonists. Until next time, fly safe and see you in Hellion!

Posted by Zero Gravity team