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Devblog #39 - Story Mechanics

While our programmers are working on a multitude of bugfixes, optimization and even some new features we are not yet ready to reveal, our creative team puts its back into fleshing out and implementing the story of Hellion. So today we are going to talk about the way narrative will be handled in the upcoming update, scheduled to leave warp in November.

In our last blog we briefly touched on our decision to implement the story and also mentioned what the players can expect from the narrative. This time we are going to shed some light on the structure, mechanics, work we are putting into it and of course the story telling method.


Hellion’s narrative is broken down into chapters, or episodes if you like. Each episode is part of the larger main story and is thematically linked to certain locations within the Hellion system and told by characters that played a crucial role in the events that preceded the player’s awakening. Thus each chapter will be a story in its own right, but only a piece of the larger puzzle in the overarching plot. With each game update a new episode of Hellion story will be introduced.


Quests or missions represent the basic building blocks of the season and are centered around important characters and major events that shaped the Hellion system. Note that these are past events, rather than present ones and that they occured while many of the colonists were still asleep in their cryopods. Players waking up now are faced with the aftermath of those events, but that doesn’t mean that they are unaffected by them. The past still shapes the present and many of the problems players will be expected to face and overcome stem from the actions of important characters from the past. Understanding why they did what they did will play a crucial role in solving these problems.


To further help you in immersing yourselves in the world and its lore, all of the stories will be fully voiced. In addition we are adding voice overs and a plethora of new sounds to various interactions, warnings and events. Whether it’s a breach, power loss or a deadly debris field you will hear about it!


Voice recording session. This voice will sound familiar.


Quests come in many different shapes and sizes. From an immersive tutorial that will guide new players step by step, to large and complex plots where understanding the world and game mechanics will play a key role in figuring out what to do next. In case of the later category going an extra mile (or several thousand) may reveal details that would otherwise be missed, details that might prove crucial in the future.


Big thanks to the Devotion studios!


Since Hellion is not a classic RPG, but rather a survival game, we wanted to inspire players to go into full role-playing mode by giving them a believable world to explore. Also, unlike the single-player action adventure games with a linear story-based experience, the world in Hellion is open for creative players that want to tell their own stories. This is why the story of Hellion will serve as a framework in which the gameplay occurs.


An example of tutorial quest line.


We are still talking about the 0.3 update because the official name is yet to be discovered during our long brainstorming sessions. If you have any blank suggestion, without knowing the content of the update, share it with us, maybe you’ll hit the target. :)

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