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Hellion Testing Squad

What’s up survivors? Today we want to make a special announcement regarding new content and Hellion’s experimental build branch. With work on 0.2 in full swing, we would like to engage the community in the development process. We are looking for dedicated players to help us test the new content. If that last sentence caught your attention read on!

Main reason behind this idea is constructive feedback coming directly from our player base. There’s quite a number of new features in the upcoming content update and many of them haven’t been revealed yet. As you can guess, these features will require a lot of tweaks and adjustments before they are ready for public deployment. Rather than arbitrarily decide what is right, we want to engage the community in the decision making process.

So what can you expect should you choose to apply for Hellion Testing Squad?

  • Exclusive access to new content before public release
  • Chance to engage in the development process
  • Direct contact with the developers

Hellion testing squad will be open when the 0.2.0 is uploaded onto the experimental branch. Once again, the purpose of this group will be to test new builds before public deployment so that we can change or fix problems that occur before the builds go live.

To apply, please visit

Posted by Zero Gravity team