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Player Cap and Price Updates

Dear coloni… err we mean, dear survivors. Cryochambers all over Hellion system are opening and you along with countless others are free to seek your destiny beneath an alien sky. Or die trying, over and over and over again…


Still, the number of people you will be able to encounter has been somewhat reduced. The server cap is reduced from 100 to 30 players per server. Rest assured that this is only a temporary measure, until we complete the net code optimization to allow for more players per server. Our goal still remains 100 players per server and we will be increasing the player cap as we further optimize the code.


Regarding the price, our goal was an equal price for the entire world. Several days ago there was a tweet addressing the price in Russian rubles and British pounds. The amount mentioned was wrong and caused by automatic Steam conversion for different regions. We have corrected the prices, so they are now equal for all players. Since this tweet was our mistake, we want to apologize to all players for any inconvenience that this might have caused.


Thank you very much for your patience and understanding. We wish you all a pleasant stay in the Hellion system.


Zero Gravity Team

Posted by Zero Gravity team