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Poll Results and Much More

Howdy survivors!


What’s new in the world of Hellion? Any new trade routes, newly formed clans or rare resources? Welcome to another Hellion blog!


Remember that poll we had last week? The one where we asked for your opinion on the new ship hull design? Well the voices have been cast and here are the results.



Distinct yellow color, often found on construction vehicles of the world, won the contest with 60.1% to 39.9%. A fitting result since Steropes does belong to the Altair corporation after all, but even so many of you asked simple questions: Why not both designs? Why not make them craftable? While we agree that Hellion would certainly benefit from improved player/ship customization options, we had decided to push these cosmetic features back in favor of optimization and bug-fixing. After all we don’t want you getting stuck inside your new ship, right?


Still, the amount of feedback we received is excellent and we will do our best to incorporate your suggestions and ideas. As you all know Hellion is a big place and its story is made out of many different puzzle pieces. So you might want to keep your eyes open in upcoming updates, as you never know when a new puzzle bit might catch you off guard and we’ll make sure to present it “in a fashionable way”.


Having seen the creative power of the Hellion community, we had decided to help develop it further. To this end we are adding a downloadable Fan Art Kit on our website that is a collection of visual assets that can be used to create compelling game related content. Rest assured that the kit will receive regular updates with each new game version.


With regard to content creation, most of you have surely noticed that Hellion related videos (mostly on YouTube) do not have a proper Hellion icon. Reason for this lies in the fact that Hellion doesn’t have an official Wikipedia page. Rules for content creation on Wikipedia are strict and are meant to not allow any biased opinions towards any topic. That’s why we need your help. If you have any experience with Wikipedia content, use this link for Hellion draft page. Thanks a ton in advance!


Until next warp,

Posted by Zero Gravity team