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Rude Awakening - Release Date

Hello everyone,


Do you still remember that counter ticking down until Hellion’s Early Access release back in February 2017? For us at Zero Gravity, it marked the beginning of an adventure in a solar system many light years from Earth. It combined the thrill of exploration, discovery with all the dangers of a space for us and thousands of colonists that woke up amidst the ruins of mankind’s first interstellar colony. Thank you our dear colonists for helping us stay on track through your feedback and for taking part in the creation of this truly unique gaming experience.


Today, we want to announce the next step in Hellion’s development: “Rude Awakening” update that is coming out on November 29!


Starting next week we’ll begin warming up for the upcoming update and revisit all the important, interesting and fun facts related to the Hellion star and the world revolving around it, unique game mechanics, extreme survival, and many more. Stay in the loop by following us on Twitter and join our community on the official Hellion Discord server.


Fly safe,

Posted by Zero Gravity team