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Update 0.4.2 Delayed again

I know you all are waiting for the next update, so I’ll get right to the point. We have decided to delay the 0.4.2 Exposure update. Again. 

This is because we’ve implemented a number of fixes that would be near impossible to deploy without a full server wipe. In a nutshell if we deploy the hotfix without a wipe, many of the fixes won’t work.


As you know we have so far aimed at delivering fixes that did not require a wipe, meaning some of the more difficult ones have been left for later updates. Since we will have to wipe the servers anyway we had decided to add them into the mix and provide you all with a full package of Exposure fixes and tweaks. And as you mgiht expect, it will take a bit more time to deliver.


Some the improvements you can expect include:

  • Glossary improvements
  • Security improvements
  • UI improvements
  • Resource balance tweaks
  • Balance tweaks to parts and systems

Bugs that have been fixed and are now in testing:

- Damage to modules even with the correct tier nanite cores
- Helmet and jetpack disappearing in some cases
- A module in the wrong position after undocking
- Warp exit point or warp interrupt is not where it should be
- Crafting Higher Tier Hacking tools has the same resources
- Fried Electronics do not fit in Transport Box
- No loot spawning in and outside of doomed outposts around Nimath
- Asteroids on unstable orbits around Sinha spawn too close to collision
- Fabricator item resource requirements half visible
- Decorative items missing from the blueprint list
- A wrong GameName for AltcorpCorridor45TurnRightModule
- Son of Earth Mk9 Suite does not fit in storage slots
- Aegis assault rifle cannot be placed in rifle storage slots
- Asteroids on unstable orbit around Sinha spawn too close to collision
- Fabricator new row invisible/half visible
- Fried Electronics do not fit in medium slots
- Drill bit not losing HP when mining
- Security not working as intended, players were allowed to use unauthorized systems
- Client exception: NullReferenceException in SpaceObjectVessel.set_Forward
- Client exception: 'NullReferenceException' in PortableTurret.get_BaseVesselSystem()
- LSM Air Generator - Resource Injector poking out
- Shooting with weapons through glass
- Military Nanite cores reverting to 9k after server restart

Bugs being worked on:

- Modules not visible on approach
- Nanite cores falling out of diffuser slots
- Ship pushing in the opposite direction when latency is high
- Server stuck on loading
- Cargo panel stuck by a quest with the welder
- Item desync when multiple players around
- Disappearing base on Navigation map

That's all for today folks. Untill next week, fly safe!

Posted by Zero Gravity team