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Hello space survivors!


As many of you know, Zero Gravity studio embarked on a mission to create a dangerous world of Hellion – the world in which you will fight for your survival and later fall in love with (or so we hope). That’s why we feel the need to show you a glimpse of our creative development process.
We’ll start with our dear funny haired artists armed with laser-sharp pens and infinite ideas. No seriously, they go on forever…


Hellion concept art morning exercise


Grab an idea add spices, some seasoning and let it simmer for a while. The end result is often interesting to say the least. Sometimes you get a small multipurpose utility craft and sometimes it’s a military attack fighter armed to the teeth with railguns, missiles and anything else they might have cooked up beneath those weird haircuts.


Hellion Fighter


And in case you try to remind them that you never requested a combat fighter and actually wanted a basic single pilot craft that the players are supposed to start with, they usually just look at you and say: “The one we finished yesterday?”


Altcorp shuttles


If you have any questions about Hellion, don’t hesitate to contact us on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit!


See you soon and stay tuned for more space recipes!

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