Decay Rate

Can the decay rate be removed or only active when a player is logged in. I cannot play this game every night to repair my station/ship. I feel like your leaving a group of players from ever touching your game after they buy it. It is very disheartening to spend hours building a station to have it decay away if you don't log in every day or two. There is a great amount of promise in this game but I stopped playing this game after the decay system was introduced. The game is going to need players to keep growing and if the game is only built for the few who can play this game everyday then the player base will never grow.

I understand that this is a method to deal with large amount of stations/ships being left on a server. Having those objects assigned to a player and if they start fresh then let the decay system slowly break them down if there is not a owner assigned to them. Also if it is a worry that objects will spawn in the same location for random derelict or fresh start players, just randomize it. Pulling the players station out of the game universe while they are not logged is will clear the server up and prevent loss of time invested.


  • MardukMarduk Member
    there is one litle Problem with ur Idea... when the player stations despawn when u logout, so the game loses a big part of its realism... it is a part of the game to gather stuff and resources by "finding" it on other player stations and ships! So there is a need to secure ur base and manage resources! This is also a multiplayer game and not meant to play solo! find a friend or two which play with u so u can manage also a big base!
    And - the base does despawn after 48 hours per module when no owner or crew member is logged in in this time!
  • HammerJGHammerJG Member
    I do agree with your point of keeping the stations/ships in the game when the player is not logged. It would remove the realism.

    My main point was on the decay happening to the station/ship while not logged in. The game currently forces someone to log in every day or two just to keep what a player has worked for from being destroyed by the game. The decay system should exist while the player is logged in so it adds the realism of having to maintain a station/ship in the austere environment of space.
  • MarcusPerryMarcusPerry Member
    As long as the game keeps penalising people for having a real life, it will never live up to its potential.
  • TimberTimber Member
    Maybe they could add a maintenance drone that could be fabricated at a cost. It could patrol the station and make external repairs automatically. The bot should have a lifespan of about a week, to be used for people who need to be away for an extended time. A natural extension of this would be to add a security drone as well.
  • Armond69Armond69 Member
    I understand the use of the Decay rate in the game but i think it a little to fast for people that have jobs and family's don't get me wrong i love the game but if it take an hour and a half to repair my base every time i get in the game it makes it hard for me to actually play the game in the way it is designed to be played and to have any fun playing the game.
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